Post Interest Meeting Survey
For the 2022/2023 Season.  We're going to ask for a bunch of email addresses so we can get you invited to services that we use for the team and we are going to ask you to signup for GitHub.
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Did you attend the interest/orientation meeting for the 2022/2023 season? *
How did you hear about The Zebracorns *
What is your name? *
We need to know your name (First and Last).  This should be the name you want to go by and will be using for the team.
Have you signed up for the team email list? *
There is only one answer.  If you haven't done this.  Go fix this now by visiting and signing up.
Have you signed up for the Team's Slack? *
If you haven't been invited to Slack yet, please let us know.  It's also good to update your Slack profile if you haven't already (and set a profile picture of yourself, please).
If you haven't signed up for Slack already. Please provide an email for us to invite you.
Students only.  Adults (mentors) who need access, please talk to Meg or Marshall first.
What is your GitHub username? (Read description) *
You need to signup for a GitHub account at and tell us your GitHub username.  Please also set your GitHub profile name to be your name so we know who you are. We HIGHLY recommend picking a username close to your name and not a username like ShmebulockRocks9000 (Even though we tell you this, we know you'll do it anyway so the next section reviews setting your profile name).
Did you set the name on your GitHub Profile? *
Seriously. Make sure this is set.  It's done through GitHub (  Go set it now.  Do not select "No" as the option here. We know you're thinking about it. Don't do it.  We know who you are and we'll send gnomes after you!
What email address do you want to use for access to the team's Google Drive? *
This will give you access to the Team's Google Drive.  Must be a Google account ( accounts will work).
What email address do you want to use for access to the team's OnShape? *
This will give you access to the Team's OnShape.  Must be a Google account ( accounts will work).  Access is through
Parent email address? *
We need an email address to reach your parents (one they check regularly).  This will be used for signing forms and contacting them if needed.
If you had a superpower or mutant ability, what would it be? (Or tell us whatever else you want to tell us).
Completely optional but we do want to get to know you (Once you are added to slack, it will ask you for more robot related info.)
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