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The Australian Students' Society of Haematology (ASSH) is a professional society for university students across Australia who are interested in blood diseases.

ASSH has three main aims:
1. To foster interest amongst university students in haematology
2. To improve university students' understanding of core topics in haematology
3. To support and advocate for research in haematology

ASSH hopes to achieve these aims by:
1. Running a series of high quality seminars designed to strengthen students' grasp of fundamental haematological principles; elucidate the pathway to becoming a haematologist; and introduce some of the cutting-edge research currently being conducted in the field of haematology.
2. Organising fundraising events to support research in haematology.

ASSH membership is completely free-of-charge. Whether you are a budding haematologist, or simply interested to learn more about minutiae of blood and blood disorders, sign up today to receive the latest updates on all the exciting events that we have lined up for the year!
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