5th Grade SS: JWJ Colonies Revisited
Use the following virtual trip video and presentation to answer these questions.
Video: https://bit.ly/JWJcolonyreview
Presentation: https://bit.ly/31DkLI9
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England in the late 1500's and early 1600's
On what continent is England located?
Who were the 2 English monarchs that reigned during the late 1500’s and early 1600’s?
What is the name of the castle where the monarchs lived?
Who was Shakespeare?
List 3 famous people buried in Westminster Abbey.
Who founded Roanoke?
Roanoke was considered part of _________________.
When was Roanoke established?
When was it found abandoned?
List 3 types of food eaten in the colonies.
What was the very bottom of the ship called?
How big was the Mayflower?
How many passengers were there on the Mayflower?
Name 2 famous descendants of Mayflower passengers.
On what river was Jamestown located?
When was Jamestown founded?
How many years was Jamestown the capitol of the Virginia colony?
What Native American tribe helped out the Jamestown settlers?
What state is Plymouth located in?
It was the first ________________ settlement in New England.
Which Native America tribe suffered an epidemic?
In what year did the pilgrims arrive in Plymouth?
BONUS: Go to the presentation and click on the links for this virtual field trip. List 8 new facts you learned.
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