Trivia With Oser - Family Feud Survey #01

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1)      Name an ingredient you will find in a burrito.

2)      Besides your partner, name someone you tell your deepest secrets to.

3)      Besides words, how can you tell your partner is in the mood?

4)      Name the most famous person from the Cincinnati area.

5)      Name foods that go with peanut butter.

6)      Name a word that rhymes with horse.

7)      Name an item you might order at brunch.

8)      Name something little kids have nightmares about.

9)      Name a dish or ingredient you might find on the menu at an expensive restaurant.

10)      Name something that could be embarrassing on a first date.

11)      Name famous rivalries between brands or products.

12)      Name a fictional fantasy book series with a large fanbase.

13)      Give me another word for friend.

14)      Name a sign the first date is the last.

15)      Name something people lie about on their resume.

16)      Name a popular comedy T.V. Program.

17)      Name a country that mainly speaks English.

18)      Name a place you wouldn’t vacation even for a million dollars.

19)      If you could send one famous person on a one-way trip to the moon, who would it be?

20)      Name the movie that describes your “first time.”

21)      What is the first thing you do when you get home from a long day at work?

22)      What is the worst thing to get as a Christmas present?

23)      Which movie describes your current romantic relationship.

24)      Name something most children will refuse to eat.

25)      How many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have before you found “the one.”

26)      Name a House You Never Want to Be In.

27)      Name Something in a Bakery a Baker Might Call His Wife.

28)      If You Could Go to the Land of OZ, What Would You Ask the Wizard For?

29)      If Your Dog Ran Away, Name Something You'd Be Surprised He Took with Him.

30)      What would you hate to see on the breakfast buffet?

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