Phil Calhoun's Commission Survey
Industry vet Phil Calhoun, a member of OCAHU, is writing a series of articles about commissions. Phil would love some quick feedback from you. This survey is only three questions and can be anonymous. If you'd like a free copy of Phil's e-book, however, you'll have a chance at the bottom to add your name and email. Thank you for participating!
How important is it to you if you could access a written plan to protect your commissions in all life events? *
Not very
Very much
How important is it to you to learn the ways to find a seller, evaluate their book of business and complete a purchase of their commissions ? *
Not very
Very much
How important is it to you to know how to sell your commissions, within 5 to 10 years? *
not very
very much
Any additional comments?
Name and email (if you'd like a free e-book and/or to be entered into a drawing for a copy of "The Health Brokers Guide to: Protect, Grow and Sell Commissions" )
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