WRI Television Survey
Wind River Internet wants to provide you with the best services possible. We have had several people asking about television services. To help us understand are customers better, we are doing a survey to find out what would best suit you. There are several questions but if you can fill out the first question it's the main one we are looking at right now. Thank you!
Do you want Television services? *
Do you want local channels?
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What kind of programs do you normally watch?
What basic channels are you interested in? (not all listed)
What premium channels are you interested in?(Not all listed)
Are you interested in Hispanic channels?
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Is there a specific channel your interested beyond what is listed? List channels.
Do you want access to channels via Tablet/Phone along with set top?
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When do you watch TV?
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How much do you currently pay for TV services?
Would you like to be contacted once this service is available? Please add email , phone number and address. So we can better contact you.
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