Science Parent Contract 2019-20
* Please review the following TWO documents BEFORE completing this form. They are posted online via the HMS website and PowerSchool Unified Classroom.
- 8th Grade Science Course Syllabus
- Flinn Scientific's Student Safety Contract

**Photos & Video: I take photos of my students performing labs and doing fun activities throughout the year. Sometimes they take really good videos of their experiments and they allow me to post them to PowerSchool Unified Classroom for other 8th grade HMS students to view. Students may need to take photos and/or video for projects. At the end of the year I make a slideshow for my students as a memorable piece so we can recap all the fun activities we did and reflect on how much they have learned. I also play this slideshow for the parents at Open House. Yearbook may also ask for my photos. Any photographing and video taping are only used for learning & school purposes.
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I, as the parent/guardian, have reviewed the course syllabus and understand the rules, policies, procedures, and expectations set for the student. I understand I may review these policies via the HMS website and PowerSchool Unified Classroom. I give my permission for my student to be photographed or videotaped for learning and/or school purposes (**See above note). I agree to monitor my student on a regular basis and communicate with him/her and the teacher. Please provide an electronic signature by typing your first and last name below: *
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Is there anything I should know about your student that will help him or her be a productive learner in my class?
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