VUSec Student Project Questionnaire
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Which VUSec and other relevant courses/minors did you follow at the VU? *
Are you interested in TAing any of the following VUSec Bachelor courses?
Are you interested in a PhD after finishing your studies? *
Which type of project are you interested in (you can indicate more than one)? *
When do you want to start your project (please be as specific as possible, including courses you may need to finish first)? *
How many hours per week will you be available to work on the project? Please indicate if you have a significant simultaneous workload, including other courses and jobs. Consider the full duration of your project (at least 3 months for a BSc project, 1 month for a literature study, 6 months for an MSc project, or 7 months for literature study+MSc project) *
How important is for you to finish the project exactly in the predetermined amount of time? *
Not important, I just want to work on a super cool project!
Very important, I have a hard deadline!
How "research-oriented" do you expect your project to be? *
Not research-oriented
Very research-oriented
How familiar are you with the following topics? *
No familiarity
Very low familiarity
Low familiarity
Medium familiarity
High familiarity
Very high familiarity
Reverse Engineering
Networked systems (e.g., TCP, DNS, and CDNs)
Intrusion Detection Systems
Hardware/Software Verification
Type Systems
Machine Learning
Low-level x86 Hacking
Low-level ARM Hacking
μarchitectural Side Channels
Side Channel Analysis & Fault Injection
Radio Communication
Hardware Tinkering
Untitled title
Which of the topics above interest you most (up to 3)? *
Describe your experience in programming and which languages you used
Describe your research interests and why you want to start a project at VUSec
Describe your systems building experience. What’s your biggest project?
What is your favorite algorithm? Briefly explain why.
What is your favorite paper? Briefly explain why.
Do you have any prior experience with research projects? Add a short description, if yes.
In which areas are you most competent, e.g., relative to your peers?
Which of our papers and projects are you most interested in?
(Optional) Link to CV (note: need not be public accessible, a Google Drive share link will do)
(Optional) Link to grade transcript (note: need not be public accessible, a Google Drive share link will do)
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