YABC Spring 2018 Scavenger Hunt (Round 1)
Join in YABC's Spring Scavenger Hunt! Work your way down through each entry by clicking each link, reading the post, and answering the question! Feel free to enter the individual giveaways many authors are sponsoring on their posts! **Incomplete entry forms will be disqualified and cannot be entered to win the final prize.**
Please provide your full name (first and last), full mailing address, and your email so we may contact if you win!
What does "Dara's" name mean in their language?
What are the character's doing in Pintip's excerpt? *
What was the name of the flag used by the pirates?
What does Jenn love/hate in her guest post?
What candy is made just miles from Meredith's house?
What Jane Austin book did Alexa choose?
Who is Heidi's #4 on her top ten list?
What is #8 on Gretchen’s top ten action movies?
What did Leo's Gran say happens that causes you to shiver?
What is #8 on Breeana's playlist?
What is #2 on Cora's playlist?
What airport is Angeli at in the excerpt?
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