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Send your guests a personalised email invitation to your event and allow them to easily respond online. Automatically track the status of all emails and responses to make sure you don’t miss anything!

InviteUs is a full digital invitation manager for all events - corporate, weddings, parties, bar/bat mitzvah, etc.

InviteUs works on a credit based system. Clients (event hosts) are required to purchase and load credits onto their account. Once credits have been purchased, they are able to send message out to their guests.

As the sales agent, your job will be to find clients and register them with the system. You will also need to assist / encourage / get them to purchase credits from the system. Client can simply purchase credits using their credit card through the backend.

For every successful transaction, you will receive a percentage of the sale.

- You can advertise wherever you want - in person / online / etc
- There is no limit to how many clients / commission can be earned
- We will create any graphic / media / peripheral that you want
- You will not be required to help with setup, design or support

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