DIGIT Lab Digital Transformation Survey
The DIGIT Lab Research Centre (www.digit.ac.uk) is seeking input from business leaders, researchers and practitioners as it refines its research agenda for the programme. During March-May 2021 it will be collecting various kinds of inputs from a variety of sources. This survey is intended to allow individuals to offer their views and express their opinions on digital transformation directions.

It is expected that this survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Please note that:
* Your participation is entirely voluntary
* You are over 18 years old
* You may withdraw your consent at any time for any reason
* You may omit any questions that you do not wish to answer
* Your data will not be individually identifiable and will be treated confidentially
* Your responses will be used in summary with others to inform our research strategy
* Data from this survey may appear in future reports and academic publications
* Further information is available for participants of this survey at www.tinyurl.com/digit-sheet1
Please confirm you are happy to take part in this survey
I confirm that I have read the above conditions, I am happy to take part in this survey and that my responses can be used as input to the DIGIT Lab research activities. *
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