Hexenfest 2019 Volunteer Application
Hexenfest volunteers make the world go round! You are crucial to making Hexenfest run smoothly, and making it possible to keep costs affordable.

We ask 3 4-hour shifts, and they are usually pretty laid back. Less like work, and more like throwing in with your tribe to make something cool happen!

We'll ask your preferences below. We can't guarantee you'll get exactly what you want, but we will do our best to make you happy. The exception being physical limitations. We will not ask you to hurt yourself, ever!

Thank you for choosing to celebrate Hexenfest with us!

What is your full name? (legal and chosen)
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Can you commit to the full 12 hours?
Which days are you available?
Which shifts do you prefer?
Do you have any physical challenges that would prevent you from doing certain tasks, such as lifting sound equipment, sitting for long periods, etc?
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Which type of work would you most enjoy?
Where would you like to stay?
What email is best for HF communications?
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Have you read our policies on diversity and consent, and are you comfortable adhering to them?
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