Website / app credential linking
To share credentials between your app(s) and website(s), please provide the following information. Publish your apk and check the details below, the association will go live about one week after publishing (you can do alpha/beta first so it's ready when you release to production channel).

Details are available at

What's your app/site name? *
e.g. Rate Flicks
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App package(s) *
e.g. com.rateflicks, com.rateflicks.paid, com.rateflicks.beta
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If you have a website, what's the sign-in URL(s)?
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Is the digital asset links file live on your https website? *
Important: Check that the file contains valid json and includes the domains (without a path, i.e. no trailing "/" or "/login") and apps listed above (with SHA-256 fingerprint of the *Play Store* signing certificate). Note that the exact location https://<your.domain>/.well-known/assetlinks.json must be used, and served with HTTP 200 (no redirects) with header "Content-Type: application/json" to crawlers. (you can do a quick check with curl -I <file_URL>)
Are the apk(s) containing the asset_statements *published* in the Play Store? *
Important: Verify that your app manifest contains an android:name="asset_statements" under <application> with valid *escaped* json, and check that your apk is *published* in the Play Store (use an alpha or beta channel if needed for testing before release). If you are using the alpha/beta channel, make sure that this version of the apk has the latest version code in the manifest. Don't submit this form till the apk is actually published, otherwise nothing will happen!
What's the best developer email point of contact for your app? *
e.g. (it's critical we can reach you at this email address(es) if there are problems)
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How did you hear about Autofill / Smart Lock?
Please let us know if you have any questions! Thanks!
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