Art March Parade Participation Form
Art Rise Savannah and the Art March Parade Committee are working hard to make our first Art March parade a family friendly celebration of the unique talents, characters, and community of our beautiful city.

NOTE: This is a HUMAN POWERED PARADE - No motorized vehicles will be permitted. Walking, biking, and other human powered means of locomotion are encouraged. Get creative! Contact us if you need artists to help out.


Art March Parade Meetings

Sunday, Feb 19th: Noon to 1
Look at examples from other parades and generate ideas.

Saturday, Feb 25th: 2pm to 3:30
Look at examples from other parades and generate ideas.

Saturday, March 25th: 2pm to 3:30
IMPORTANT Final Lineup Announcement and last details.

Parade Fees
$25 for Businesses
$20 for Non Profit Groups
FREE for Neighborhood Groups, Artists, Friends & Individuals

Payments will be made prior to the Parade.

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IMPORTANT: Parade Structure
The Art March PARADE is made up of four SEGMENTS that are comprised of multiple UNITS. This form is to participate in the parade as a unit.

A UNIT could be:
• A Large Art Piece
• A Group of Marchers
• A Performance Troupe
• A Fleet of Bikes

Unit Description *
Please provide a detailed description of your proposed entry. This include the activity, message, public people, and other details to help us out.
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Will your unit have sound? *
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Parade Rules
• All entries must provide family-friendly entertainment that promotes, celebrates, and cherishes the community of Savannah.
• NO THROWING OF ANYTHING from the Parade. This is against City code and will be strictly enforced.
• Each entry shall be responsible for the conduct of all of its participants.
• NO ALCOHOL is allowed in the parade. No cups or glassware are allowed. Plastic bottles and cans can be used.
• No participant may undertake any dangerous activities in the Parade.
• Art Rise Savannah, Inc. has the right to inspect all units prior to and during the Parade.
• The driver of each vehicle must be a qualified and licensed driver 21 years of age or older.
• All vehicle entries must be covered by liability insurance.
• No float shall be longer than 30 feet in length (for the trailer portion), 10 feet in width, and 12 feed in height.
• Art Rise Savannah, Inc. reserves the right to exclude from participation any entry which it considers to be advocating or promoting purposes, principles, or messages inconsistent or contrary to those of love, peace, harmony, creativity, imagination, bravery, honor, and courage.
Do you agree with the rules listed above? *
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