Vietnam Education Project: Summer Program Application

Thank you for applying to the Vietnam Education Project Summer Program. Please take a moment to preview the application. Prepare all your responses beforehand so that all your responses are accurate before starting and submitting the form.

Part 1: Personal Information

Part 2: Education Background

Part 3: Work Experience

Part 4: Personal Statement

In this section, you will be asked a series of questions about your interest in the program and personal experiences that support your application. Responses may vary in length, but please do not write more than two paragraphs per question (250 word maximum)


1) What are your personal motivations for applying to this program?
2) What do you believe are your strengths and weaknesses with participating in this program?
3) What would you be able to contribute and what do you anticipate as a challenge?
4) How do you envision this program experience will contribute to your academic or future career success?

Part 5: Teaching Proposal

In this section, you will asked to describe a class you would like to teach if you had a 30-45 minute section 4-5 days a week.

Part 6: Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV), Letter of Recommendation, Photo

In this section, you will be asked to submit your resume, photo and letter of recommendation.

After beginning your application, you will not be able to save the application for later. When you're ready, click "Continue" to get started: