Dedicated Crew Application for Michigan Framily Reunion, August 2-5, 2019
We are pleased and excited to announce there are several crew positions that will be available for comp tickets (work exchange tickets for full weekend admission).
We need dedicated crew that will be responsible to staff various positions. If you are interested in being part of the magic during the festival to keep things flowing and staying glittery, please consider applying for a work exchange for dedicated crew positions.
Requirements to be eligible for a work-exchange comp ticket include:
The ability work 40 hours during the festival. You will be responsible to direct and guide and keep volunteer on task during their shifts. We will still be recruiting volunteers for work during festival times but to keep the flow and to not overwhelm or overwork volunteers, MFR is now in the position to offer limited comp/work-exchange tickets.
We are looking for leaders (that would be YOU if your application is approved) for the following areas

***Security-responsible to oversee 3 security stations/gates and the night crew. You will be working night shift, 9pm-5am, Friday-Sunday nights to make sure nobody enters the gates that shouldn't, that women are safe, vendor goods are safe, check on ARC women and make sure there are no falls or accidents.

***Grounds Sanitation--oversee volunteers and make sure, trash is emptied and dumped in dumpsters, escort sanitation trucks that will be emptying janes and water tanks, collect recycling and bring to central location. hours: 7-9am, 11am-1pm, 4-6pm, Thursday-Monday (longer on Monday since that will be final clean up, totaling 40 hours)

***Videographer--video record the festival, hours vary but 40 hours of recording time

***Photographer--capture the magic through your lens, hours vary

Benefits of these positions: making MAGIC with your sisters. Arrive early to set up your camp and get into the spirit. You will still be able to enjoy night performances and being at the festival but you will have a purpose. WE NEED YOU!! unlimited hugs.

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videographer (need your own equipment)
Women of Color tent
Amazon Resource Center
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Let us know about any limits you might have in relation to crew positions you are applying for. Do you have lifting, walking or sitting limits, or are you unable to work for an 8-hour shift? The more information you offer us, the better job we'll do at matching you with the right job. *
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