Asheville, NC: Request for Assistance Due to COVID-19
Dear Wonderful Asheville Community Members:

First, thank you for your courage. Asking for help takes strength and it's one bravest things you can ever do!

If your livelihood has been affected and greatly diminished by the COVID-19 pandemic, if you are an hourly wage worker, rely on tips, work in hospitality or events, or anything else - please use this form to let us know what specific ways our community can come together to help you in your time of need.

We will partner you up with a family or individual that can help you meet this need.

Please note this is a MANUAL process and I have volunteers working around the clock to generate the match email to connect you with a patron so you may not hear from us for 24-48 hours. Some of you will have more than one patron assigned so you will get MORE than one email. We are trying to make you as whole as possible in the coming month(s) ahead.

Please make sure to check your SPAM folder over the coming days. We will send out the match email through our Pandemic Of Love Gmail account and want to make sure that you are receiving the email.

This form will remain confidential and I will NOT share your personal information with anyone until you are matched up.

This is our time to come together as a community to support each other and to create an outbreak of LOVE over FEAR.

Sending you healing, love and freedom from suffering,

Your Asheville Pandemic Of Love Volunteers

PS You can always email us at with any questions or concerns AND if you have a great story to share about your connection, please share it! It gives us all hope in this time of uncertainty.

*** Pandemic of Love Asheville is a local, volunteer-run effort. We do not run background checks to verify circumstances nor do we verify the ability to donate prior to matching. We assume all those with requests and making commitments join this movement with integrity, authenticity, and good will. By using this resource, you agree to hold harmless and absolve of any/all liability Pandemic of Love, Pandemic of Love Boulder, and all associated volunteers. ***
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