111 RCACS Summer Training Request
Thank you for your interest to participate in a summer training course for summer 2021. It is a great and unique opportunity offered in the Cadet Program.

Your first step is to indicate your preference and choice selection. Before making your choices, it is important to find out if you are eligible to apply.

Virtual Summer Training Courses: https://bit.ly/33dGHKt
Cadet Activity Program (CAP): https://bit.ly/3xD9w13

COURSE DESCRIPTION: https://www.111air.ca/vctc-course-description.html

Please email or message Capt Ho directly for information.

It is important to understand that submitting your choices here will not guarantee you a spot for summer training. We will try to load as many people as we can in the courses but there is a limit to how many cadets can be accomodated. Please don't be disappointed if you did not receive your first choice as the staff will be keeping an eye out for last minute availabilities and notifying cadets.

Please direct any questions to Capt Ho (111trainingdept@gmail.com).
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