CSS Internship Program
Administered by ACCESS - Advising, Civic, and Community Engagement in the Social Sciences
College of Social Sciences, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Dr. Ulla Hasager, Director of Civic Engagement for the College of Social Sciences
ACCESS Engagement, UHM Dean Hall 7, 2450 Campus Road, Honolulu, HI 96822
P 808 956 4218; F 808 956 7498. E ulla@hawaii.edu (directly), intern@hawaii.edu (program)
Coordinators/instructors: Dr. Hasager (see above) and Dr. Charles Petranek (cpetrane@hawaii.edu)
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Thank you for your interest in the CSS Internship Program. We value internships highly as a way of bridging students academic experience with the world of work. Internships are integral to students' career and educational success.

This form is designed to give organizations and businesses opportunity to register and obtain additional information about the process and expectations of establishing internship partnerships with CSS. Please also see our website, http://socialsciences.hawaii.edu/access/engagement/internships, for the broader context.

For non-profits and businesses, internships provide fresh perspectives on services, processes, and products. It is a great opportunity to see the world through the eyes of the next generation, and potentially build advocates for your mission or business.

Credit requirement: If the student do not enroll in a course that can give her or him credit for the internship, any internship arrangements will be entirely between the student and the organization.

The CSS Internship Program staff will actively and creatively recruit for open positions, but due to the dynamics of our program, we cannot guarantee a compatible match for your organization's internship at any given time.

(1) Please visit our website (http://socialsciences.hawaii.edu/access/engagement/internships) for basic information about our program;
(2) Submit the registration and initial agreement form included here;
(3) Email your full internship position announcement to intern@hawaii.edu (we can assist you with the write-up if needed);
(4) Comply with requests for additional information and review materials that you will receive in our reply to your email (depending on the nature of the internship); and
(5) Approve our final entry for publication on our CSS website: http://socialsciences.hawaii.edu/access/engagement/internships/opportunities

CSS will advertise your internship and encourage students to apply. Typically, students seeking internships are in good academic standing and demonstrate leadership skills and accountability. For internships, you may want to specify requirements such as minimum GPA, field of study, level of education, length of internships, etc. See (2) and (3) above.

Is the work meaningful and appropriate for a college student?
Will there be sufficient learning opportunities?
Can you provide on-site supervision?
Are the required skills and responsibilities sufficiently challenging?

Please identify the overall organization and leader responsible for setting up an initial partnership agreement and eventually approving a Memorandum of Agreement between the partner organization/business and the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa's College of Social Sciences
Name of official internship partner organization/business. This information will be published - possibly slightly edited with your approval - in the CSS listing of internship opportunities. *
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Title/position and name of organizational leader
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Address of internship partner organization/business
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Phone number for partner organization/business lead
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Fax for partner organization/business
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Email of partner organization/business lead
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Website and other social media links for partner organization/business. This information will be published - possibly slightly edited with your approval - in the CSS listing of internship opportunities
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Brief description of the organization/business, including mission, purpose, size, accomplishments, ...
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Please fill this section of the form for each type of internship offered. Submit the form multiple times, if needed. The first, general section (above) needs only be filled in detail for the first submittal - or if changes occur.
Title of job/internship (will be published in our internship listing) *
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Work site and office address for internship supervisor (include office hours if relevant) *
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Name and title of site/internship supervisor *
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Email address for internship supervisor *
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Phone number for internship supervisor *
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Brief job description. Please email the full job description/advertisement to intern@hawaii.edu. The brief description will be published (possibly abbreviated and slightly edited with your approval) in the CSS listing of internship opportunities. The full advertisement will be published on your request, but otherwise only be made available to students requesting additional information. *
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Number of current openings *
Deadlines (list deadlines for applications)
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Unit, length of internships (can vary for the same job; use any unit: semester, year, ...) - check all that apply *
Paid or unpaid *
Hours required (list unit used: per week, per semester ...) and any other known information about the work schedule of the intern
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By submitting this registration, I/we, the INTERNSHIP PARTNER, agree to:
(1) follow the procedures of the CSS Internship program and immediately inform the CSS program coordinator about changes to an existing internship;
(2) submit a internship/job description via email to intern@hawaii.edu - including qualification and other requirements (consider for instance level of education, academic specialization, language requirement, experience, medical clearance, criminal background check, ...) - and keeping that information up to date;
(3) provide information to the applicant about policies regarding overtime, timesheets, dress code, etc.;
(4) provide assignments appropriate to the students educational level and major/chosen field of interest/study;
(5) provide training for the intern;
(6) supervise and/or mentor the intern; provide a safe work environment; provide safety training as needed;
(7) (for paid internships:) comply with wage and hour laws in the Fair Labor Standards Act (see link below);
(8) via email provide evaluation of the student intern's performance at the end of the internship and at any time upon request from the instructor;
(9) upon request host the at least one site visit by the internship class instructor/faculty coordinator per internship; and
(10) adhere to all applicable employment laws and regulations.

In turn the STUDENT must agree to
- submit an email application, including resume, cover letter and other requested materials (could be transcript, letters of recommendation, references, ...) to the prospective internship supervisor (ccʻed to intern@hawaii.edu);
- sign and comply with a contract with the internship partner (including immediate notification of unexpected difficulties fulfilling the contract);
- submit all documents required by the College and other involved university entities;
- behave professionally;
- comply with the internship partner's rules and regulations (be on time, complete assignments, maintain a professional attitude and appearance, submit notification of absence as early as possible);
- notify the faculty internship course instructor about any changes in the internship requirements, tasks, or status, as well as about any difficulties with the internship or internship supervisor/partner; and
- notify the internship partner about any changes in enrollment status.

And (only for student interns enrolled for credit), the COLLEGE agrees to
- assign a faculty coordinator to students enrolled for credit;
- provide and work with students to fulfill academic learning and credit requirements associated with the internship;
- provide monitoring of student progress;
- provide a final grade for the student's internship;
- do site visits at the partner site as needed or requested;
- immediately respond to requests and address issues raised by the internship partner; and
- encourage and actively recruit students for open internships.

This form was filled and submitted by: NAME & DATE (include title, name, email, and phone - if submitted by other than organizational lead person) *
Your answer
I/we agree to the items listed in (1) to (10) above *
ACCESS Engagement: http://socialsciences.hawaii.edu/access/engagement/
ACCESS Engagement - CSS Internship Program: http://socialsciences.hawaii.edu/access/engagement/internships
National Commission for Cooperative Education: http://schoolgrantsfor.com/national-commission-cooperative-education.html
Fair Labor Standards Act: See https://www.dol.gov/whd/regs/compliance/whdfs71.htm for Fact Sheet #71: Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act: https://www.dol.gov/general/siteindex
National Council of Nonprofits: https://www.councilofnonprofits.org/tools-resources/interns-employee-or-volunteer
HANO - Hawaiʻi Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations (808) 529-0466; Web: https://hano-hawaii.org/
The University of Hawaiʻi is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution.

The CSS Internship Program staff will actively and creatively recruit for open positions, but due to the dynamics of our program, we cannot guarantee a compatible match for your organization's internship at any given time.

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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