Penn Ice Hockey - Questionnaire
Welcome to the University of Pennsylvania Men's Ice Hockey Club. Please take the time to read through this information and answer a few simple questions to assist us in our player information documentation. We are reaching out you as part of our partnership with admissions and your current coaching staff which has indicated you had an interest in competitive ice hockey in your past and indicated this interest during your application process.

The University of Pennsylvania Men's Hockey team participates at the ACHA Division II level as a member of the Colonial States College Hockey Conference. (
The season runs from September through February, during which the team plays approximately thirty games throughout the season and the team practices on the ice twice a week.

Most players on the team have competitive travel AA/AAA or varsity high school hockey experience. While the team requires a certain time commitment, players still have the time to be successful academically and pursue other extracurricular and social interests.

If you have received your acceptance letter congratulations and upon your response, if you are interested in joining the team, you are encouraged to bring your equipment to campus with you at the start of your semester.

If you are interested in the team and wish to learn more about the application process or Penn in general please let us know.

The team's home rink is the Class of '23 rink in downtown Philadelphia and has a locker room within the rink for bag storage. We will gladly answer any questions, and if possible are happy to meet with you upon your arrival.

For more information please reach out to:
Scott Carmack
Penn Hockey - Head Coach

We look forward to seeing you in the fall.

Regards -
Scott Carmack

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