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You have expressed an interest in our experiment “Can we create a sustainable and scalable decentralised organisation/community that has human happiness and agility baked into its DNA?”. The response to our linkedin post ( has been incredible. So we are starting the “hatching” phase where we experiment with putting in place some foundational components that we hope will allow the entity to evolve and flourish. has been registered and a number of streams of work have been started.

In the hatching phase we are wanting to initially identify three groups of people/companies:

- Navigators. These are people who will be making core decisions and setting a high level purpose, values, strategy etc. We are looking to create a small group who have diverse skills/backgrounds, are value aligned, influential and open to learning about decentralised governance. Note they may or may not have any experience in any of the new concepts (e.g. Teal/Holacracy/Token economics etc), part of the “value exchange” is that they will get to be at the heart of the education and experimentation process.

- Contributors. These are people who feel that they can add value to the entity in some way but may not have the time/energy to commit as a navigator, in exchange these contributors also get rewarded in tokens (a token represents “equity” or ownership of the entity, and voting rights later on). A few points to note:
1) Tokens are not, for now, legally recognised. Initially we will be relying on transparency and reputational incentives to ensure that the rules are followed.
2) Typically contribution will be in the form of time/expertise but can be anything (e.g. reputation, money, office space, branding, design etc).
3) Value contributions are “pulled”, i.e. a contributor will look at the purpose/values/strategy and create an aligned proposal(s) (that include an NZ$ equivalent in Tokens that they wish to be “paid” for doing the work). The Navigators then decide whether to authorise the proposal.
4) All proposals are transparent/visible to everyone and people are encouraged to collaborate wherever possible.
Navigators can all be contributors.

- Service providers. These are people or organisations that can add value (as above) but would like to be engaged/paid the traditional way (in $). This is only an option if the entity has $, which it is unlikely to in the hatching phase.

Both Navigators and Contributors will become part of the community that will be learning and experimenting together. There will be full transparency and high levels of collaboration within the community. So in order to select the Navigator group and the identify a larger community of potential Contributors, we are asking anybody interested to fill out the form below. Note that we will be defaulting to the concept of “radical transparency” but if you don’t want this information to be shared please specify and we will honour that. Information collected is purely for the purposes of making this experiment a success and will be not used for any other purpose. None of the fields are mandatory so feel free to give as much information that you want to (once we have systems in place there will be an opportunity to update) and there is no commitment being made by filling out the form.
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