Parent Needs Assessment for SMS Guidance and Counseling Program
Consider the following statements and indicate whether you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree.
I know how to contact my child's school counselor. *
I visit the webpage of the school counselor. *
My child feels comfortable talking with his or her school counselor. *
I am aware of the services provided by the Counseling and Guidance Program *
Which of the following parent workshops would you be interested in attending *
Please indicate the appropriate grade level for your student *
I would like to be more involved at my child's school. *
Various school counseling services are listed below. Please read through the list and rate the importance of each service. *
Not Important
Somewhat mportant
Very Important
Parent Educational Workshops
Small Group Counseling
Community Agency Referrals
Career Exploration
Individual Counseling
Academic Skills Support
Classroom Guidance Lessons
Please look at the following and rate the importance based on your child's needs. *
Not Important
Somewhat mportant
Very Important
Dealing with the loss of a loved one
Improving school success
Low self-esteem
Divorce and Separation in the family
Anger Management
I would be offended if my child's teacher, recommended him/her for a small group for a topic like anger, decision making, grief, study habits. *
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