"Worship City" with "David's Tent Tennessee" September 2nd-6th, 2021
Non-stop worship, prayer and Bible reading at the Tennessee State Capitol's Legislative Plaza

Theme: "Worship City - Changing our Cities to Change the World through Fasting, Prayer, & Worship!"
What: Read below Information, Guidelines, and Apply to Participate in the tents
Why: Because of the Worth of Jesus and His mandate to go... to preach the Gospel and make disciples
Preparation: "Worship City Transformation," a 21 Day Daniel Fast - Aug 8th-29th, 2021


Thank you for your interest in participating in Worship City's 5-day love song to Jesus at the Tennessee State Capitol's Legislative Plaza. We are excited to see the beautiful diversity of the Church coming together on common ground to exalt Jesus and share the love and hope He gives! This important document explains the logistics but, also more importantly, the heart of participation in Worship City. We require that every worship and prayer leader, Bible reader, and volunteer read and agree to abide by this document and our Core Values. For more about the leaders of our team, please view our website at https://WorshipCity.US and join our Facebook Pages, https://www.facebook.com/WorshipCityUS and https://www.facebook.com/DavidsTentTennessee for updates. Also, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/AwakenUsTransformation and ask to join our private group page to participate with our leaders in our 21 Day Daniel Fast, August 8-29, 2021 ...and be sure to turn on notifications for updates.


Loving Jesus in worship, prayer, Bible reading, and volunteer team leadership is our agenda at Worship City. We have the very specific focus of MINISTERING TO THE LORD. We are not promoting any social or political viewpoint, we're not protesting anything, we're not focused on ministering to the people OR performing FOR them under the worship tent (although we know God's presence will do that as many join in worshiping Jesus together). Our ultimate goal is to give Jesus the love, adoration, glory and honor that He is due from our state capitol. Ministry will be a natural outgrowth of our worship, and prayer is offered under the public prayer tents. Evangelism and opportunities for ministry will be plentiful outside the worship tent, including scheduled evangelism and prayer walks throughout the city... all the while prayer and Bible reading is going on simultaneously in their tents on the perimeter. We thank Dick Eastman, Jason Hershey, and the leadership at David's Tent DC for encouraging us years ago to establish David's Tent Tennessee, and for encouraging our leaders! They are an inspiration and pioneers of the tent movement!


Everything that comes from the teams in the worship tent will be music and singing for worship, thanksgiving, praise, and adoration to Jesus, including singing scriptural prayers and songs of prophecy. We ask that there be no preaching, teaching, political opinions, or prayer from the platform over the microphones. Prayer leaders and ministers are walking the Plaza and streets, as well as participating under the prayer tents, and the Bible reading tents are available for young and old to participate in reading God's Word. Evangelism will be an outgrowth as people's hearts are touched by songs of love to Jesus. Special prayers and free resources will be given by our leadership teams stationed under the smaller tents on the perimeter and surrounding the area for those who have questions or needs. All leaders will be wearing badges with our Worship City and David's Tent Tennessee logos, and are given authority to make decisions regarding all that transpires on the Plaza. (If someone is not wearing a badge, they are not authorized to make decisions. This is for your protection.)


When you participate at Worship City, we are in some measure putting our reputation in your hands. Our Worship City leaders have a set of core values we'd like you to read and agree to, which is available by Clicking Here: https://worshipcity.us/Core-Values We need to be able to trust you to embody and protect these values that define who we are at "Worship City" and at David's Tent Tennessee (the main worship tent). These values should guide all of your actions during this event, both inside and outside the tents on the Plaza.


No one is making money from David’s Tent, though we need donations to cover expenses of the event. We don't offer payment to worship teams or anyone else working at the tents. This is all volunteer based ministry unto the Lord. We also will not sell products, but we welcome free CD's or books if you choose to donate them to Worship City for the free resource table in the "Need Prayer?" tent. We have a legal agreement with the Plaza Administrators that we will not exchange money for these ministry resources during this event. This also helps protect our core identity as a freely-offered love song to Jesus rather than a worship concert venue. Worship City is currently raising funds to provide for the expenses of this ministry of pure worship and prayer to the Lord, exalting His name. If you would like to donate funds for this event, please go to our donations page at https://worshipcity.us/donations or go to "Worship City" on Venmo.


This is an outdoor event, so watch the weather and come prepared! In cold weather, sweaters or light jackets can come in handy, although, normally the weather is mild or even warm at this time of year. In wet weather, umbrellas and rain coats will be needed as you go from one tent to another. Port-a-potties for leaders, volunteers, worship and prayer leaders, and Bible reading teams are available with a key from the administrator on duty at the Green Room tent behind the platform of the main worship tent, but you will need to bring your own food and drinks while ministering at the park. Water bottles for worshipers will be provided, and no red Koolaid or communion cups are aloud on the plaza as the slate will stain if spilled (we are so sorry).


We schedule all teams in 2-hour blocks and will go to 1 hour sets if we have an abundance of applications. Worship is amplified with a full sound system from 7am until 11pm. We will be totally unplugged for the night-watch, and from 10-11pm and 7-8am we will keep the sound system levels low as the hotels are right across the street with potential issues. (We will have a keyboard with weighted keys, amplifiers for electric guitar and bass, and a full standard drum kit, which is the only way we can go quickly from one group to another, so please don't try to bring your own drum set or keyboard. We will also provide stools, chairs, music stands, and microphones and boom stands. We do appreciate your flexibility in this matter.).


Most of you will likely prefer to stay at a hotel, AirBnB, or Youth Hostel within walking distance of the Tennessee Capitol's Legislative Plaza if you are from more than an hour away. If you drive in from close to Nashville each day, there are parking lots in several places close to the Plaza which are noted on Google maps. The least expensive lot is at the Library down the street a block away. If you are coming from a distance, many hotels are within walking distance of the Plaza. We recommend travel sites like Expedia.com or Hotels.com to find the best rate and to see ratings. During the evenings or weekends, parking meters are free. And the Capitol's "State Employee Parking Lot 17A" is open and free on weekends and holidays. It can be accessed from Charlotte Ave./Dr. MLK Jr Blvd just north of the Capitol building.


Because of security requirements, any equipment you bring must enter the Plaza by hand-carrying. Security will not allow you to pull your car up to the tent for equipment drop-off, so you will need to carry it from the street vehicle drop off point, hotel, or wherever you park. There are ramps on Charlotte Ave and Union Street if you have a small cart. If you have a guitar, or other instrument, please bring and plug into the system provided.


Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time to worship, pray, read the Bible or volunteer. You may even need this entire time buffer to negotiate traffic, parking, and last-minute unforeseen issues. If all goes smoothly, we would like you to join the ongoing worship and center your heart on Jesus before your ministry set begins. When Worship Teams arrive, please go right to the Green Room tent behind the platform, and the host on duty will take you to the "Prayer for the Nations" tent to be prayed over first. We will share more with you after this application comes to us what options there are for further involvement while serving at the Plaza. You can participate as much as you want, and we encourage you to become an integral part of this powerful event in every way you are able.


We strive for a seamless hand-off between worship sets. If you are a worshiper or band, please have everything tuned and prepared as much as possible off-stage, then begin setting up on the stage during the last ten minutes of the set prior to yours. Your sound check will be done live by the sound engineer on duty as your set begins. Please be gracious to the group after you, who will be setting up during your last ten minutes as well.


As mentioned above, to minimize security concerns about large amounts of equipment moving on and off the Plaza, and the limited time for set-up, we do not allow worship teams to bring their own keyboards or drum sets. Beyond this, you are welcome to bring whatever you need, including your own snare or bongo drum, if you wish. If you are a worship leader or team, we encourage you to use as much of our equipment as possible for smoother transitions between sets. We will have a "weighted keys" keyboard that is midi compatible, a full standard drum set, 6 vocal mics, several instrument mics, DI boxes, cables, music stands, monitor wedges, and a full sound system with a sound person on-hand. Extra equipment that does not go through the sound system is not allowed unless prior approval is given.


The Plaza Managers and Police have the authority to inspect your belongings at any time. You may be asked to open your cases as you enter the Plaza for safety reasons. We don't want this or even weather issues to stop our worship or prayer! So please be prepared to unplug and do an impromptu acoustic set off the Plaza perimeter as we never know what can happen in these non-stop worship and prayer events. Your scheduled time slot will remain the same, regardless of any disruptions, and we do encourage everyone in the tent to minimize talking so the worship teams sense your participation and prayers throughout the whole event. Talking and relational conversation should be limited to the outside of the tents so that the atmosphere is not disturbed by those who are not participating... which is basic consideration and respect for the worshipers, prayer leaders, and Bible readers who are ministering before the Lord.


Finally, don’t forget that a heart that is connected to Jesus and clean of known sin is the most important piece of equipment in your gig bag. Before you come, please spend time individually and as a team centering your hearts on Jesus and asking the Holy Spirit to take you to deeper levels of intimacy with Him. And we truly encourage you to join our 21 Day Daniel Fast, "Awaken Us Transformation," August 8-29, 2021. Ask to join our private fasting and prayer group page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/AwakenUsTransformation and be sure to turn on notifications for updates.

Thanks for reading all that! If you wish to apply as a worship or prayer leader, Bible reader, or volunteer, please fill out the form below:
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Please register the name of your child, their age, and what dates and times they will be joining our "Children's Bible Hour" tent. (Friday, Sept 3rd to Monday, Sept 6th daily, 10AM and 2PM) Parents must remain with their child at all times! We can not take responsibility for your child at the Plaza event.
Will you be attending the "Prayer Surrounding the Capitol" event Saturday, Sept 4th at 12noon? PLEASE INDICATE HOW MANY ARE COMING FROM YOUR CHURCH GROUP/MINISTRY. (We will meet at the main large tent on the Legislative Plaza for 15 minutes of worship and instructions at 12noon, and then we will all walk over to surround the Capitol in solemn prayer, humility and repentance, seeking God for our state and nation.) *
Worship Leaders: How many vocal mics do you need? (music stands, boom stands, 2 guitar/bass amps, a full drum kit set, and weighted keys keyboard will be provided - please bring your own guitars or small instruments.) Also, please name your team members and what instruments they use.
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Do you want to participate in our 21 Day Daniel Fast, August 8th-29th, as a preparation for this event? Do you want to join the Facebook Group, "Awaken Us Transformation," to follow along with others? *
I have read and agree to the guidelines above and the "Core Values" posted on https://WorshipCity.US/Core-Values" for the "Worship City with David’s Tent Tennessee" event, Sept 2-6, 2021 (Please type your full name as your signature). *
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