Designate a Single Beneficiary of Your Interest in People Power Solar Cooperative, Inc.
Your ownership interest in People Power Solar Cooperative, Inc. is an asset that may be redeemable for cash, but what if you pass away before you redeem it? This form allows you to designate the beneficiary of your interest in the Cooperative so that we know what to do with any payments due. Please note that if we cannot find you or a beneficiary to redeem your ownership interest after reasonable efforts in accordance with the page of our Bylaws entitled "If You Can’t or Don’t Redeem Your Share" (, your interest shall become the property of the Cooperative.

Important notes:
(1) You may want to review this document with a tax, financial, or legal advisor.
(2) You can change your beneficiaries at any time.
(3) This form cancels, and will replace, any existing beneficiary information.
(4) If you would like to name TWO beneficiaries instead of only one, please use the Multiple Beneficiary Form instead:
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