Application Form p5.js workshop
Workshop "Magic Interactivity on the web with P5.js" at Now Play This festival London
Friday 7 April 10.00 - 13.00

A short and fun workshop by Code Liberation for women, non-binary and femme identifying people.
In this workshop you will be introduced to p5.js to start creating games and interactive art on the web.
No prior knowledge needed about programming to get started.

Slots are limited. We will select applicants on a diverse range of criteria. All women, nonbinary, femme, and girl-identifying individuals welcome to apply. Selected applicants will notified not later than Monday, April 3rd.

Please not that you will need a ticket for Now Play This, either a day ticket for Friday or a weekend ticket. You can get them here:
If you need financial support, please let us know in the form.

This workshop is supported by the Processing Foundation

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