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The Youth Activism Project ( helps young activists drive local and global change. Since 2004, we have supported dozens of student-initiated campaigns addressing causes from promoting girls’ education globally to fighting sugary drinks to ending gun violence. We have coached teen advocates who influenced the passage of 35 local and federal policies, raised $70,000 for their causes, and published two how-to action guides by youth, for youth.

By joining our program, you'll have access to:

- trainings to learn important advocacy skills, such as setting up meetings with decision-makers and public speaking
- a community of other youth activists
- 1-1 expert support from the Youth Activism Project staff
- resources, such as funding opportunities, online workshops, and connections to organizations and people that can help you with your campaign

This program is primarily intended for teens in the US, because that's where our expertise lies, but if you are from abroad, then we welcome you to apply as well and we'll try to help the best we can!

Upon submitting your application, you'll get an automated email with information on how to get started with us!
Please make note of the following before continuing:
* All information received will be kept confidential.
* You must agree with our values: If we believe your activism does not align with our values, we reserve the right to remove you from our program.
* You must be at least 13 to apply. If you are younger than 13, please have your parent or guardian contact us at
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Describe what you're hoping to get out of joining our community and your activism goals for this/next year. Please be as detailed as possible. *
Which of the following best describes your motivation for being an activist? *
Please elaborate on your answer above. What motivates your activism specifically? *
This is VERY important because activism and advocacy doesn't just happen overnight. It's a marathon that will challenge you with obstacles and a long journey so passion, dedication, and motivation are key!
If applicable, share anything you've done to move forward in your activism goals (e.g. start or join a group, etc.). No worries if filling out this application is the first step you're taking! *
To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Please be HONEST with your responses. You don't need everything figured out to be a great activist! *
Kind of disagree
Neither agree or diagree
Kind of agree
My voice is powerful
I have made lasting changes in my community
My elected officials care about what I think
I spend more time on activism than any other activity
Which of the following decision-makers have you met with regarding an issue in your community? *
Which of the following do you have experience with? *
Have experience
Don't have experience, but want to learn!
I'm not sure
Persuade at least 50 people to take an action (e.g. come to an event, contact a decision-maker, etc.)
Done any press work (op-eds, public forum, press release, etc)
Testify in favor of a bill or lobby an elected official
Write a mission statement and/or form a group
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