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I’ve got one sister. _____ name is Diana
I’ve got three children. _____ names are Ali, Lisa and Phil.
____ you got any brothers and sisters?
She ____ got any brothers or sisters.
____ David the same age as you?
___ they at the same school?
___ there a park near here?
There __ a lot of birds in the garden.
Are there any burgers in the freezer? No, there ______.
There isn’t __ milk in the fridge.
There are __ good shops in this city.
There’s __ TV in my bedroom.
My house is near __ city centre.
Would you like __ orange?
I ride to school on my __.
I take a _____ to school to carry my books and things.
I think maths is __ –I don’t like it at all.
I love listening _____ music.
I like _____ films on YouTube.
I _____ a lot of photos in my free time.
_____ you play the guitar?
I _____ swim – I want to learn soon.
___ in England is London?
__ is your favourite song?
__ is Loren? She’s 16.
Lucy is very good at art. She loves __.
Antonio’s favourite dance is ___ .
My sister__ a lot of films on TV.
We__ on holiday every year.
When __ your homework?
I like wearing__ clothes because they are comfortable.
Hi, Jake. Where __?
Don’t switch this computer off, please -__ it.
__ usually get up early at the weekend?
She’s so __ –she always tells everyone what to do.
Your cat’s __ is so soft.
Where __ you yesterday morning?
My best friend __ at school last week.
My dad __ to work this morning.
When __ at the station?
I __ playing the guitar last year.
I often __ video clips from my computer to the internet.
Last week I __ a new smartphone. Do you want to see it?
I __ you at school yesterday –were you ill?
When __ back from your holiday?
I decided __ my homework after dinner.
I can’t stand __ horror films!
The television is in __ of the table.
The teacher shouted __ at her students.
Can your big brother run really __?
I __ go to bed early tonight –there’s no school tomorrow.
My mum said I __ invite some friends round tonight.
All pupils __ do their homework on time.
I think it’s really important to __ fit.
Sometimes I find it hard to __ asleep at night
Don’t eat __ chocolate –you’ll get fat!
Oh no!We haven’t got __ bread.
My brother had an accident when he __ his bike.
Geoff and Julie were watching TV when the phone __.
We need to get a lot of shopping so let’s use a __.
This is the __restaurant in this city.
I think doing sport is __ interesting than watching it.
My brother __ at university next year.
I’m really excited –__ my new girlfriend tonight.
I don’t want to work __ like most people. I want something different
I don’t think people __ ever live on the moon.
I __ pass my driving test the first time I do it.
They’ll go out for a picnic today if the weather __ good.
If she still feels ill tomorrow, I __ take her to the doctor’s.
We needed to show our passports when we crossed the __ between Russia and China.
You should always wear a when you go mountain biking.
__ Juliette ever been to America?
I __ never seen an elephant. I’d love to see one, one day.
Have you brushed your teeth __? We need to go now!
I don’t want anything to eat now. I’ve __ had dinner.
Tim moved to this city about three years __.
We’ve been at this school __ three years.
John hasn’t eaten any meat __ he was at primary school.
I can’t believe how it is today –look at those trees!
We can use these old bananas to make a really nice __.
You need to check the __ of the ingredients carefully.
This soup doesn’t taste of much –it’s really __.
The __ show was great –you couldn’t see the strings or the people controlling them.
You didn’t talk loudly __. No one could
The car we rented was as big __ a whale!
It was much __ hot during the day so we had to stay in the hotel bedroom.
This would taste better if you added __ salt.
Shall we get __ apples and bananas for the picnic? Everyone likes them.
I always eat much __ than anyone else in my family.
You’re not allowed onto the __ ata professional football match.
The weather was so bad we __ forgetting about the tent and stayed in a hotel.
You won’t know if you like cucumber __ you try it
You’re not going to pass your exam if you __ a lot more work.
If you want to become a professional sportsperson, you have to __ every day.
What do you do for __ at the weekend?
It’s so much quicker to travel ___ .
We really __ go now or we’re going to be late.
I think the journey __ take a really long time because there’s always loads of traffic at this time
This __ be the right place –it said on the website it was next to a lake.
My school has organised a three-day __ to Iceland!
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