Registration Maldito Festivalito 2018

It is strongly advised to register with a partner, as this has precedence. Your partner must sign up within five days in order for you to keep your place, else the place will be given to another couple IF any in queue. Only 12 couples/workshop

If you do not have a partner, we advise you to post a message in the facebook group “Maldito Tango|Partner Search”. We will also try to help you find a partner, but cannot guarantee to find one.

Registration is binding (see details at bottom of form).

Price per participant

¤ Milongas are not included in the workshop prices!

Workshops Cecilia & Serkan
WS1 CS WalkingLocation of the axis, grounded and fluidity

WS2 CS Functionality of embrace in circular movement. - SOLD OUT
WS3 CS Playing whit sacadas. SOLD OUT

WS4 CS Making crosses. ONLY 5 PLACES LEFT

WS5 CS Giro. Coordination and balance. SOLD OUT

WS6 CS Spiral movement SOLD OUT

Workshops C&S
Tania & René-Marie



Tango Xtreme Cycle

WS XC1 Colgadas, for balance - ONLY 5 PLACES LEFT

WS XC2 Soltadas, for connection - ONLY 5 PLACES LEFT


Tango Musicality Cycle

WS MC1 Pugliese, for power

WS MC2 D’Arienzo, for the fun

Sem/WS R&T
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Although the registration is binding; you have the right to cancel your registration 14 days before the festivalito starts, via mail to Registrations done 14 days prior to the festivalito is directly binding and you have no possibility to cancel your registration.
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