Asheville Independent Business Voting Pledge
Vote AVL is a non-partisan movement to increase voter turnout in Western North Carolina by helping independent business owners encourage their employees to register, educate themselves, and vote!

We will provide participating businesses with voter registration forms, voter guides, and other materials, and they will provide these to their staff. Vote AVL will also collect completed voter registration forms from businesses and deliver them to the Board of Elections before the October 12th deadline.

Completing this form commits your business to the following 3-part pledge:

1- A pledge to encourage your employees to register to vote at their current address, and to provide employees with the information and paperwork necessary to register or update their registration.

2- A pledge to provide non-partisan information about the candidates and issues that will be on the ballot, so that your employees can make an educated choice.

3- A pledge to allow each employee ample time to vote on Election Day, if they are unable to vote beforehand, and to help your employees locate their proper polling location.

To make the pledge, please complete the form below!

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