Parents Feedback Form -3 (Bahauddin Science College Junagadh )
Dear Parents,

Bahauddin science college was established in the year 1901. The college aims at the overall development of the student to become entrepreneurs and professionals in the respective disciplines. This form has been designed to seek feedback from parents to strengthen the quality teaching-learning environment in the college, to assess and to improve academic, non-academic, infrastructure facilities. the information provided by you will be kept confidential.

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Q-1. Admission procedure. *
Q-2. Infrastructure and lab facility. *
Q-3. Work Culture observed by you and your son or daughter. *
Q- 4 Library
Q- 5 Other facilities provided by the college. *
Q- 6 Sports and cultural activities. *
Q- 7 Student's counseling activities. *
Q- 8 Student's counseling and guidance. *
Q- 9 Use of Information and communication technology in the college. *
Q- 10 Academic Discipline (i.e timely conduct of lectures, practicals and related activities) observed by the college. *
Q- 11 Improvement in soft skills, knowledge, ethics, morality, observed by you in your son or daughter while studying in college. *
Q- 12 Examination system adopted by the college. *
Q- 13 Evaluation and Feedback mechanism. *
Q- 14 Placements
Suggestions if any :
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