Canadian Children's Opera Company OPERA KIDS ONLINE Teacher's Application Form
Teacher name
Teacher email
Principal name
Principal email
School name & email (if applicable)
Class Grade (check both if split)
Number of students
1. Why are you applying to this program?
2. Does your class have any current music education programs? (please explain)
3. If known, what schools do your students regularly attend?
4. How could OPERA KIDS ONLINE enrich your classroom and your students this year?
5. How could this opportunity increase participation in the arts in your classroom?
6. Opera incorporates big ideas, emotions, and stories. Are there any milestones, special events or stories for your students, class or school that we could incorporate into our program?
Additional information that will not impact the decision on whether your school is chosen for this program
1. How did you find out about this program?
2. Does the teacher have any music/theatre/visual art/video expertise?
Thank you for applying for the CCOC Opera Kids Online program. Applications close December 15th. Priority will be given to school with the highest need. We will contact the teacher with your eligibility early January. If you have any questions please contact Adine, our Program Coordinator:
Special thanks to our sponsor BMO
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