How do you charge your EV?
The lack of public charging infrastructure may be a significant barrier to EV uptake in Australia and that is why we want to hear from you, the innovators and early adopters, who fought hard and overcame these barriers already.

Answer our simple questionnaire and go into the draw to win 2 weeks of free charging in our network (to be redeemed within the next 8 weeks). The questionnaire should not take longer than 3-5 minutes.
How often do you use public level 2 charging? *
How often do you use DC fast charging? *
How sufficient is the number of chargers in the current EV charging network for long-distance trips? *
How conveniently located are charging stations for your needs? *
How accessible (likely not to be blocked) are the EV chargers you use? *
How reliable (likely to be functioning) are the EV chargers you use? *
Do you have home charging? *
How often do you use home charging? *
How often did you have to charge in public because you forgot to charge at home? *
If you have a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, how often did you have to use gasoline because you forgot to charge? *
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We will not release any of the below details with the survey results but it will help us to better understand the results in relation to your location and car.
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Charger model *
Are there any specific places you would like to see a charger installed e.g. Event Cinemas, 505/525 George St, Sydney NSW 2000? *
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