Training Goals
Please fill out this form honestly and to the best of your ability. The more information you provide the better job we can do advising you about training. This is not a test to see how much you have trained nor to check up on you, we just want to try to make sure everyone has the best chance to achieve her/his goals.
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Year in School
In what other sports do you participate? (this is anything from swimming to hiking to climbing)
These are activities that you do but don't compete in.
In what other sports do you compete?
Do you follow a training schedule?
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Do you keep a training log?
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Approximately how many hours per year do you train?
If you don't know then just tell us about how many per week.
When skiing / racing, what do you feel are your greatest strengths?
When skiing / racing, what do you feel are your greatest weaknesses?
What are your internal and external goals for this season?  
We consider internal goals to be things that you can totally control (e.g. I would like to increase my upper body strength.)  In contrast external goals are those affected by others around you.  (e.g. I would like to be National Champion.)
What are your overall training / racing goals?
What would you want to do in high school? What would you like to do after high school?
Anything else?
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