VUSD Student Inclusivity Task Force Application 2019-2020
The Visalia Unified School District Student Inclusivity Task Force is a student organization which provides input and insights to the superintendent and the board on issues that are of high interest to students. The membership of this task force will be comprised of 20-25 VUSD high school students who:
Are currently in the 11th or 12th
Are from all of our traditional and educational options high schools
Represent a wide range of student viewpoints, beliefs, backgrounds and experiences.
Would like to learn and provide input and insights to the superintendent and the board of education to assist them in making decisions that positively affect our students.

This task force will meet 8 times a year at lunchtime. We will seek students who can serve a 1 or 2 year term on the task force.

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We seek to have a task force that represents our diverse student body. Please check all descriptors that apply to you that you wish to share with the selection committee. (Please do NOT check descriptors that may apply to you that you do NOT wish the selection committee to know about you). *
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