CUSD Off Campus Course Permission Request
Students must complete and submit this form and get permission from the counselor and principal before enrolling in an off campus course. Counselors will email approvals or denials after they process your form.

No more than 40 credits from the combined areas of college courses, private institutions, or charter school may be transferred onto the high school transcript. Students must be enrolled in CUSD while attending an off campus class in order to receive credit on a Carlsbad Unified School District transcript.

CUSD shall grant credit toward high school graduation for coursework successfully completed at a community college, state college, public or private institution provided that:
1) The “Off Campus Course Permission Request” form must be signed by the student, parent/guardian, counselor and administrator prior to a student enrolling in the off campus course. Otherwise the course will not be recorded on the transcript.
2) The institution where the course is to be taken must be from an accredited institution (WASC or by one of the regional accrediting associations). A list of schools that meet the requirements can be found on the school websites under the counseling department.
3) The student shall receive the same letter grade for the high school credit as is granted by the college or private institution.
4) Upon completion of the course, the student must submit an official transcript showing the student successfully completed the course. The student will have a choice to either have it on their transcript or leave it off, but it MUST be submitted in either case.

WARNING: The off campus course you have requested as a graduation requirement for CUSD may not be accepted by the UC/CSU system, private colleges and universities, and out of state institutions, or NCAA as fulfilling entrance requirements. It is your responsibility to check with an admissions officer from each campus to which you intend to apply. Our approval of the course does not guarantee that it will be accepted by other colleges and universities.
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Becker (CHS) = 10-12th grade A-Gom; Blackburn (CHS) = 10-12th grade Gon-La/Film; Corazza (SCHS) = 9th Grade; Dendy (CHS) = 10-12th grade Pi-Z; DiBenedetto (SCHS) = 10-12th grade A-K; Gravelle (CVA/CSA); Howard (CHS) = 10-12th grade Le-Ph /AVID/ELD; Payne (SCHS) = 10-12th grade L-Z; Penrod (CHS) = 9th grade
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