Kracked E-Sports Application
Please fill out this application in its entirety. If you do not answer truthfully, you will be immediately removed from the org and banned from the community. This form serves as an application, and filling it out does not immediately assure you placement on the team. Upon filling out this application, you will be contacted via the community discord to schedule a tryout (if you have not already done so) for any and all games you plan to compete in.
*NOTICE: If you are filling out the application prior to letting us know you'd like to tryout and do not receive a response back from us soon after Please join the Discord via the invite on our home page or at the bottom of this application and let KRKD Savag3 know that you have submitted an application as he may have missed it do to the volume of applications we receive. Thank you.*
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First and last name: *
Please enter an active email address that you may be reached at: *
Are you 18 years or older? *Please note, you must be 17 or older to join the org. If you are under 18, you will need a parent or guardian to sign in required areas. Some tournaments require participants to be 18 years or older. By joining, you agree to the terms that you may not be eligible for all competitive opportunities.* *
Location? *This does not need to be a specific location (e.g. Arizona, United States). Please note that most current participants are from North America, but your location will not impact acceptance to the org.* *
What pronouns do you prefer? *If not comfortable answering, please state "Prefer not to say" in the "other" option. This will not impact placement on the team, but rather is just designed to make people feel comfortable when addressed by other members.* *
Do you speak any languages in addition to English? If so, list all languages.
Please list ALL platforms you use for gaming (e.g. Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, PS5, Mobile, etc.): *
Xbox, Playstation, Switch or PC Tag/Name/Code: *
List any and all streaming platforms you are active on with your channel(s)/profile(s) handle (Twitch, Youtube, etc.): *
What is your Discord username? Be sure to include all numbers. *
Have you ever been a part of an E-Sports team, league, or org before? *
If so, please list any or all teams, leagues, or orgs below:
Have you ever been, on any account, banned for cheating, hacking, teaming, etc.? *
Do you have the ability to verbally communicate with other members during practices, scrims, or tournaments via headset?
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What games are you interested in playing competitively? Please check ALL that apply. *
If you are applying to tryout for a game that uses ranks,  list the games and your rank in said games. *
Briefly describe your availability for practices, scrims, tournaments, etc. (If your availability is inconsistent due to school, work, etc, please state your availability to the best of your ability. *Changes in schedule/availability can be discussed in the future if needed.*) *
Kracked occasionally holds mandatory team meetings to discuss issues, competitions, team changes, etc. Will you prioritize this when possible? *
Most members on the team are active on gaming social medias. If you have any gaming social media account that you are active on, please list all below with your handles/usernames (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) If you do not, please state whether or not you plan to make and use one.) *
Type full name below to electronically sign. By electronically signing this form, you understand the information given to you and knowingly answering any of the above questions untruthfully or incorrectly will get you immediately removed and banned from the team and community. *
Please list any questions or concerns here, and we will address them at our earliest convenience.
Upon submitting, our team will assess your application as soon as possible. Please use the following link to join our community discord if you have not already. This is how we communicate about news, tryouts, competitions, etc.
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