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The information you provide on this form will be used by the GIEP team to create an Annual (academic) goal that is appropriate for your student.
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Academic strength area comments and evidence of effectiveness.
Make additional comments; list any awards, recognition, leadership opportunities your student has received related to academics.
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Student's interests, hobbies, clubs, special skills.
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Please rate your student in each category regarding modalities of learning and thinking.
Linguistic - using words effectively. These learners have highly developed auditory skills and often think in words. They like reading, playing word games, making up poetry or stories. They learn well by listening to lectures and discussing indeas.
Logical -Mathematical - reasoning, calculating. Think conceptually, abstractly and are able to see and explore patterns and relationships. They like to experiment, solve puzzles, ask cosmic questions. They like logic games, investigations, mysteries.
Visual-Spatial - think in terms of physical space, as do architects and sailors. Very aware of their environments. They like to build, draw, do jigsaw puzzles, read maps, daydream. They like hands-on projects.
What are your student's future plans? Include career interests and colleges to consider.
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Please repsond below with reference to academic coursework and independent learning ability.
Curiosity - Independent learners want to find out more about the world. They seek out ways to explore. They are proactive and find ways to learn on their own.
Self- motivation - Independent learners are motivated by setting internal goals to achieve. They are driven by their own personal achievement.
Accountability - Independent learners hold themselves accountable.They take responsibility for getting things done on time without prompting.
Persistence - Independent learners don't give up. They strive to understand a concept as much as possible on their own before asking for help.
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Parents - Thank you for your time and attention in answering these questions. The information you give us will help us to better understand your student's academic needs and to provide academic opportunities that are specific to your student's strengths and interests.
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