RAR Pre-Survey (Preschool)
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Thank you for answering the questions below! Your honest answers are important to us.
Child Date of Birth *
Child's Gender *
Your Relationship to the Child
What school does your child attend? *
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The amount of time that families have to look at books together can vary a lot from week to week. LAST WEEK, how many times did you share a book with your child?
About how many times last week?
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When you do look at books with your child, how many minutes do you spend each time?
About ____ minutes each time.
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Which of the following happened the LAST TIME you looked at books with your child (check all that apply).
On the scale below estimate how often EACH DAY your child wants you to read a story.
None Yet
Numerous Times
Books are one of my child's favorite things
In addition to reading together, how often do you have time to engage your child in a shared activity that involves lots of talking (games, cooking together, pretend play, arts projects, singing, stories in the car, discussing food items while grocery shopping, etc.)?
Multiple times every day
Several times each week
Which of the following things do you and your child do at the library?
Please check all that apply.
How likely is it that you will visit the library with your child in the next two weeks?
Approximately how many children's books do you have at home?
Please rate the degree to which you agree to this statement: Reading, telling stories and talking together is powerful. It helps build the language and literacy skills my child will need for kindergarten.
Not at all Important
Absolutely Essential
Please choose only one:
Finally, we have a few background questions for you.
What language is spoken most often in your home?
Please indicate the number of years of education completed by the adult in your home who spends the most time with the child.
What is your family income per year?
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