Mariposa Safe Families, Inc.
Community Partner Program Volunteer Application
What is the Community Partner Program?
The Community Partner Program is offered by Mariposa Safe Families, Inc. The Bridges Advisory Group has oversight over this program. The goal of the Bridges Advisory Group is to create a volunteer corps of "Community Partners" who will assist individuals and families in poverty by accessing their needs and aligning them with available resources that can help alleviate poverty in their lives.

Similar to evidence-based mentoring models, or "parent partner" models, this program will match community members, who are interested in and knowledgeable about poverty and community resources, with families in poverty who are motivated to engage in efforts to move into prosperity.

Our mission statement:
To be a collaborative resource working toward reducing poverty in Mariposa County by assisting people with gaining financially sustainable.

• Are you interested in becoming part of a team of individuals dedicated to the eradication of poverty in Mariposa County?

• Are you interested in learning more about how poverty is affecting families in our community?

• Are you open minded about the variety of barriers that individuals and families face who are living in poverty?

• Are you able to commit to attending volunteer training and support meetings?

• Do you want to be involved in helping individuals access available resources in this community and make a tangible
difference in the lives of people living in Mariposa County?

If you answered yes to these questions, please complete the brief application. Mariposa Safe Families, Inc. will be in touch to schedule an interview!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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