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Kher-Kun: An Initiative To Make This World a Better Place to Live
Introduction: Kher-Kun (Well-Wisher) is a non-profit youth-based organization dedicated to serving society in the best and most impactful ways. We are a team of highly motivated professionals, students, researchers, and civil society members passionate about bringing a positive change. Kher-Kun has five major domains: education, health, child labor eradication, career counselling, and small business start-ups. Our immediate plans include empowering students, advancing education and health services to Pakistan's far-flung areas through our professionals and volunteers. A key component of the Kher-Kun organization is volunteerism; we build a platform where all highly accomplished and compassionate people can come together and contribute to society positively.
Mission: Kher-Kun's mission is to provide free and high-quality education and health services to people, particularly from marginalized and far-flung areas, and empower youth by offering career counselling, professional development, and entrepreneurship.
Objectives of KHER-KUN are;
1. To empower youth through career counselling and mentorship that will help them to be responsible and successful citizens.
2. To extend healthcare services to people living in villages and suburban areas of Pakistan.
3. To spread awareness about existing and emerging public health issues and save lives by ensuring essential preventive measures.
4. To establish an educational institution offering free education to poor children to eradicate the child labor curse.
5. To provide free vocational training and information technology resources to deserving people from far-flung areas of the country.
6. To facilitate youth about entrepreneurship and small businesses to increase household income, reduce poverty, and improve lifestyle.
7. To develop an e-health platform and local basic healthcare units, managed and operated by trained and volunteer youth, to deal with the community's health emergencies.
8. To promote healthy youth activities at school and college levels, including professional development, sports competitions, and local cultural festivals.
9. To enhance cognitive learning and scientific aptitude by organizing mini projects and competitions among college students.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at Or visit our social media pages at Facebook and Instagram for further details.

Best Regards,
Kher-Kun Team

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