Acceptable Ads Standard feedback & ideas
This form is set up by the Acceptable Ads Committee (AAC) to reach out to ad-blocking users and other users that browse the web with the Acceptable Ads Standard. The AAC is mostly interested in understanding what elements you like and do not like about the Standard, and what ideas you have to further develop it.

Please only submit ideas after carefully contemplating the documented Acceptable Ads Standard:

Do you want to be on the forefront of discussing what ads are good enough for Acceptable Ads users and do you have a decent understanding of ad-blocking technologies and how online content is monetized? Please apply to join the AAC!
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How would you improve the Acceptable Ads Standard?
Are there any specific advertising formats that you feel should or should not be part of the Acceptable Ads Standard? Why?
Any other thoughts or ideas for the AAC to contemplate?
Please drop your name and email address here if you like to join the conversation with the AAC.
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