Getting to know you (2021)
Undergraduate research and thesis supervision will be conducted in the following areas:

* TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
* ESP (English for Specific Purposes -- particularly health care settings)
* CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning)
* Curriculum and Program Development

Students will learn how to...

* read and understand the structure of academic articles.
* conduct library and Internet research to seek out and research a topic of interest.
* create a thesis statement.
* make a research plan.
* write an outline.
* gather data in a systematic way.
* use a variety of analytic tools to interpret results
* write a coherent and comprehensible thesis.
* use academic conventions for citing sources and to properly quote, summarize and paraphrase.

Please answer a few questions before meeting with Dias to discuss the possibility of writing a graduation thesis with him.
Your name
Your student number
Which of these areas are you most interested in?
Clear selection
Within the area(s) above, what are your specific interests? [That is, what would you like to focus on in your graduation thesis?]
Have you taken any courses that may have prepared you for writing a graduation thesis on the topic you're interested in?
Clear selection
If you answered "yes" to the above question, which courses were they?
What grade did you get in Academic Writing?
Clear selection
Countries where you have visited (or lived) outside of Japan (and for how long)?
How would you rate your ability in these areas?
writing ability
reading ability
speaking ability
listening ability
critical thinking
research skills
Clear selection
What do you most want to get out of the process of writing a graduation thesis?
What are your general interests or hobbies?
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