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Hi there! We are excited to hear that you're considering producing your podcast with us! We are offering this service for womxn who want to start their own podcast but need help because they are busy conquering the world (business).

Please answer the questions below to make sure it's a good fit and then we'll contact you to schedule a discovery call where you can ask questions as well and learn more about the program.

Our FEMX Podcast Production Package includes ideation, branding, production, and social media assets, this means that all you have to do is tell us your vision, we'll have a strategy session together, and then you just have to record your interviews...that's all!

Please keep in mind that we are only taking in 3 podcasts to produce this season so we want to make sure we are a great fit for one another. We are excite to hear from you!
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The package price for this service starts at $1,200 (this is for a standard of 1 episode per week show with 4 social media posts per week) per month, do you have the budget to meet this minimum pricing? *
Please book a time here for a discovery call: https://calendly.com/jessiemedina/podcast-production-discovery-call.
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