2016 Business & Professional LinkedIn Survey
Collaborative Business Match is surveying LinkedIn members to find out their collaborative marketing partnership preferences, 6 month business goals, major purchases they plan to make this year, etc. The business intelligence will be packaged into a free special report available this fall. You will also be invited to one of our complimentary LinkedIn tele-parties and receive our Small Business Saturday collaborative marketing kit.
I understand that by taking this survey, I will receive occasional emails regarding the special report that is being put together by Collaborative Business Match to showcase the results AND added to their mailing list. *
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Now that Microsoft has purchased LinkedIn, what changes would you like to see? (Give us a great quote and we may include it in the special report.) *
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What is your LinkedIn Profile URL? *
If you are not sure about the URL, simply go to your profile and click on the "Contact Info" tab. It will display the URL.
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Is your LinkedIn profile up to date? *
Does it promote what you are currently doing or is the information out of date?
Have you customized your LinkedIn profile URL to make it easier to remember? *
If you see a bunch of numbers in your profile or /pub, that means you haven’t created a vanity profile yet. Visit http://tinyurl.com/lb4a2ac for instructions.
Does your profile include your full contact info? *
It's wise to add your phone number, email address, link to your LinkedIn Company Page and Company URL to your profile contact section.
Is LinkedIn your preferred social networking site for seeking clients? *
How long have you been a member of LinkedIn? *
Are you a free or premium LinkedIn member? *
What do you use LinkedIn for? *
Do you manage your own LinkedIn account? *
What's your top 6 month business or career goal? *
Sponsor the 6 Month Goal section of our special report. Email jerrilynnbthomas@gmail.com for a quick response.
How often are you contacted about partnering (forming a collaborative business relationship) by LinkedIn members? *
Have you successfully engaged in a joint venture with one of your LinkedIn connections? *
Who are your Five to Thrive?
Who are your “Five to Thrive”? If you could cross market / promote with 5 business people today who could open business doors for you, what industries would they be a part of?
Select the industries that you are interested in receiving requests to forge cross promotional partnerships, joint ventures, strategic alliances from. *
Select one or more industries. Ask yourself who on LinkedIn is already providing products and services to your target audience.
What purchases do you plan to make to enhance your business, career or personal life? *
We may be able to connect you with a business associate who can help you. Check all that apply.
Sponsor the Major Purchases section of our special report.
Do you have over 500+ contacts in Linkedin? *
Are you connected with Jerrilynn B. Thomas, founder of Collaborative Business Match on LinkedIn? If not, go to http://www.linkedin.com/in/collaborativebizmatch and use jerrilynnbthomas@gmail.com as the LinkedIn email address. Include a note that you took our survey in order to make sure we accept your request *
List your LinkedIn Company Page if you would like us to follow it.
A company page has /company instead of /in as part of the URL. If you don't have your page set up yet, instructions on how to set up your own page: http://tinyurl.com/mktzqjx
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Do you run or manage a LinkedIn group? *
If you do, please share info about the group. We may spotlight it our special report.
If you are not actively marketing on LinkedIn why not? *
Do you respond to connection requests if a person doesn't have a photo? *
Do you regularly read through the updates shared by your connections posted on the main page when you log into LinkedIn? *
In short, are you logging into LinkedIn like you do on Facebook to read the news, articles and comments?
Provide a LinkedIn Tip
Share your pearls of wisdom for others in your industry about how they can use LinkedIn to their advantage (join a specific group, post at a specific time, hashtags to use to attract clients, marketing strategy, etc.). If we use your tip, we will link it to your LinkedIn Company Page so you can gain followers.
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Help Us Shape Our "Link Up" Event Series
“Link Ups” are live/tele-events developed by collaborative business matchmaker Jerrilynn B. Thomas to help local business owners and professionals master the basics of navigating LinkedIn’s ever-changing site, incorporate its top free features into their marketing campaigns, and collaborate to grow their connections. They have a philanthropic component — as thanks for participating for free in the monthly events, participants bring donations for a local food bank and women & children’s charity. The complimentary events will be implemented in cities around the globe starting this fall on the first Thursday of each month by Collaborative Business Match City Partners. A 72 hour fee based virtual Link Up will connect participants from all the cities after the live event.
Are your networking activities conducted mainly online or offline? *
Does the idea of networking locally with LinkedIn members to discuss monetizing LinkedIn and building collaborative marketing relationships to fill your seats, calendar, coaching hours, book sales, foot traffic, etc., appeal to you? *
Do any of the in-person organizations that you belong to provide LinkedIn education on a monthly basis? If so, please tell us what topics are covered. *
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Do you belong any local LinkedIn groups? If so, is the topic of how to build local collaborative marketing relationships covered?
What topics regarding LinkedIn features would you like to see us cover during our "Link Ups" events? *
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Check all that apply. Looking to build collaborative marketing partnerships using LinkedIn to grow my business ... *
What time of the day do you personally prefer to attend local networking events? *
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Would you like to help your local business community “link up” & improve their Linkedin skills while you grow your client base (locally, metro-wide, statewide, nationally and or globally)? As one of our leaders, you will keep 100% of the local vendor/sponsor fees. Training and support provided. If yes, ask us to send you more info about our leadership drive.
We're building a launch committee to help us find business and professional people to lead our "Link Ups". They will receive advertising credits to market to participants of all the events. Would you like to receive info about the the "Link Up" launch committee?
What address should we email your special report to? *
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