Kyiv International Sculpture Symposium 2019: call for applications
The call for applications to take part in the Arkhipenko Kyiv International Sculpture Symposium 2019 is announced. The main purpose of the symposium is making the art of sculpture known to the public and development of the modern Ukrainian sculpture.

Application and project implementation terms:
Application together with a sketch: 20.04 – 20.05.2019
Selection and negotiations with authors: 20.05 – 30.06.2019
Project implementation (symposium): 15.08 – 15.09.201

Topic of the 2019 symposium:
Not a perfect past and not a transparent future is
the context in which modern art of Ukraine exists.
Is this situation unique? – No, the society is developing at a dizzying pace and a 10-year perspective is already the Futurists domain. Instability, and as it turned out, the fragility of an established social system require definite position and involvement of each individual in the creation of world, and the artists were not left beyond the rules.
Art no longer exists purely for aesthetic pleasure, self-knowledge or dictatorial ideas propaganda.
Art invites to a dialogue, which transmits an author’s statement. After all, indifference means that someone else designs a new reality at his/her own discretion.
The new social role reforms the visual form, plastics, and means of interaction with a viewer.
We invite artists to extrapolate their own vision and perception of social transformations in a sketch and implement it within the framework of the Kyiv International Sculpture Symposium 2019.

Terms of participation.
An application can be filed by artists who have already turned 18. One artist can apply an unlimited number of sketches. If a sketch has been selected, its author shall be present in Kyiv since 15 August till 15 September to implement his\her sketch in a material.

Requirements to sketches:
• a quality depiction from at least two point of views;
• a short description of an idea and technical parameters (size, materials, peculiarities of the implementation process);
• materials as foreseen in the sketch: gabbro granite, white marble, wood, metal, polymer materials, concrete. Stone (granite or marble) should make at least 60% of the total capacity of sculpture. A sculpture can also be performed purely in stone, but sketches with combined materials will have a preference;
• take into account that sculptures will be exhibited outside and therefore shall be resistant to bad weather conditions.

Selected authors will be invited to take part in the symposium on the following conditions.
The organizers provide:
• materials: gabbro granite, white marble, wood, metal, polymer materials, concrete;
• personal protective equipment and consumables;
• boarding and lodging services, a round-trip economy class plane ticket (for participants from abroad);
• each participating artist will receive a remuneration in the amount equivalent to USD 5000;
• assistants if necessary (approved on an individual basis).

Each artist has to bring his/her own tools necessary for creating their works and has to organise an insurance for the whole symposium term.

Ownership right for works created within the symposium:
• the organizer has a full ownership right for works created by sculptors;
• the symposium participants have intellectual property rights for the sculptural works they created.

About the event, history.
The Kyiv International Sculpture Symposium (KISS) is a one-month residence for sculptors from around of the world who work in stone and mixed techniques. KISS will be held in an open air and in a public space which allows artists to interact and share ideas with each other and with visitors, creating an unrivaled touch to the atmosphere of sculpture creation and raising awareness and understanding of this three-dimensional art, while making their masterpieces.
The Kyiv International Sculpture Symposium has been revived 30 years after the first All-Union Sculpture Symposium in Ukraine in 1988 which was dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of the Kyivan Rus Christianization.
Organiser: Adamovskyi Foundation

Deadline for applications – 20 May 2019, 23:59. Results will be sent via e-mail and will also be published at the symposium web-page by 30.06.2019.

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