Request a Team by 12/15/2018 - FL, WV, CA, MD, VA by 2/1/2019 CT, NJ and MI
Fill out this form to apply for an It's Hygienic Team for your program. Space is limited, we will contact you and confirm that a team has been assigned to you. Only one entry per school unless you are in WV or California or your school is hosting the competition (these have 2 teams per program).
Additional teams may be available closer to the Event.
Scheduled Events for 2019
2/2 State College of Florida
2/15 Bridgewater CC West Virginia (must register with WVDHA first)
3/2 Howard CC Maryland/DC
3/16 Virginia Commonwealth U Dental School
3/23 Fones School of DH, Connecticut
3/30 Wayne County Community College, Detroit
4/13 Camden CC New Jersey, Delaware, Philadelphia

Remember - This is a request for a team. We will contact you to officially register you and assign you a team color.

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If space allows would you wish to have a second team?
Proposed Team Members if identified (3-6 pp) name, email, shirt size (not required yet)
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