Blind Tiger Comedy's Bloc Team Application
Hello! You're doing so well. Please tell us about your Bloc and let's get you rocking. After you fill out this form, you can expect a reply from us within a couple business days. Don't stop here, let's make a great team happen!
Does your group have a name? If so, include it, if not make a fun choice just for now *
Who's the contact person for this group, and what's your email? We'll get everything set up through you! *
Are you interested in the Bloc Tiger Comedy Festival?
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Who is in your group and what was the last class they took at Blind Tiger, if any? *
Anything else we need to know about you or your experience in comedy? Keep it brief.
How long would you like to work with a coach? *
When can you rehearse? Pick two hours a week that is available for your whole team. *
Got a backup time? Pick another two hours, just in case (this helps us get you your first choice coach). *
Are there any other times you're available for (check all that apply)
What is your ideal start date? What are your schedule goals? Things like "we want to prep for a festival in March" work great!
Do you have a Blind Tiger Comedy coach in mind? Have you been in touch with them yet? Totally ok if not, just helps to know.
What do you want to do? Long form improv, show form improv, sketch...Note: you'll have a chance to give us (much) more detail on this once you register
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