WISMP 2019-2020 Mentor Application
Do something about the "Women in STEM" problem by reaching your hand down to help out the next generation of women transition through University to the workplace.

The Women in STEM Mentorship Program was established in 2013. Since then, we've been matching women STEM students at top universities with practicing women engineers and scientists from industry. The program originated in the SF Bay Area, and has supported hundreds of students since its founding.

While the program is still concentrated in the SF Bay Area, we find that most of the mentoring in the program takes place via video calls anyway -- so if you are outside of the Bay Area, please do still apply. If you are inside the Bay Area, please indicate if you'd like to be matched with a local student.

To be a mentor, the time commitment is:
1 hour / month (Oct-May) for mentorship meetings for each mentee. Some can be via video, but we recommend that if you live reasonably close to your mentee, that you travel to visit your student at least once or twice during the academic year.

Matching will take place in September through October of 2019, based on when students go back to school. We do our best to match students with mentors of similar fields of study, so we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to match you this year. We'll let you know several days before the event if you've been successfully matched.

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You might include: professional interests, personal interests, or any preferences you have with respect to a mentee (year in school, major, etc). Please include at least a few bullet points as this is the information we look at to do the heavy lifting on matching. OPTIONAL: We have found that a portion of students from under-represented backgrounds request mentors with similar backgrounds. In 2019 for example, many students identified at first in their family to go to college and from low income backgrounds, some self-identified their race. While we prioritize field of study in the matching, if you would like to share any elements of your background that might help in matching with these students, please include it.
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Who else should we be talking to?
Include contact information for other women who would be great mentors, HR leaders who may be more interested in getting formally involved, or allies who would be great speakers / panelists. We're also looking for contacts at companies who may be willing to sponsor space or food at an event.
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