Station91 App: Usability Test
We personally thank you for spending time on evaluating our product and giving us feedback.

Station91 is a knowledge broadcasting app for your job role to help you learn and discover content that can improve yourself.

This survey is to understand how well you understood the product and how you think it looks or behaves. You can give us your honest feedback, as it will help us to build a better prototype for the next version.

Please view the prototype at this link thoroughly before you begin filling this form:

This is a design prototype (mockup) only and not the actual app. Please ignore if there are any errors while rendering the screen or if the page transitions are loading slow.

For best experience, use laptop/ desktop to view the prototype. Ideally the design is made for mobile, but we observed that the screens are rendering well on desktop in most cases.

We are collecting your email ID so that we can contact you for further updates after we improve over the feedback you give us. We will not disclose your identity outside the product team. If you have any doubts, you can write to or reach out to the person who shared you this feedback form.

Version: 1.0.01
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Please prepare for a good time to spend on this form for the next few minutes. The form is prepared to collect extensive feedback from you.

You can now begin the survey. You may answer all the questions or skip them based on your preference. If you answer all the questions, it would help us improve.
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