[CLOSED] Open Eugene Call for Sessions
Great sessions make for a memorable event! "Session" is engaging and (hopefully) interactive content that inspires and delights the attendees. Our theme is "Open all the things!" so give us a reason to get engaged. Here are some examples of real and imagined programming:

* Demo your awesome educational program that helps kids get stem education in rural schools using robots.
* Run a workshop to help open source enthusiasts be champions of change in their companies by showing how open source aligns with company core values.
* Run office hours to help folks get more collaborators by: create repos on Git-Hib, craft attention getting readme and contributor files, build a timeline of milestones, pre-load and tag issues to get attention.
* Lead attendees in a dance class.
* TED style talk.
* Photos from your last holiday, only released on the web using a license where you get attribution.
* Entertaining logic tree of how to select the best open source or creative commons license.
* Giving it all away and getting paid to do it. Finding a job in open source.
* a demo of your cool open source interactive art installation.

If you need inspiration, please join us at Tech Tuesday every tuesday evening betweeen now and the conference Dec 14th at The Barn Light downtown.

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Submissions are CLOSED for 2018 !
But... If you have a session you want to be part of the NEXT Open Eugene Fest, submit it here and we'll check back with you when the time comes...
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